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2 thoughts on “commune-opédie

  1. A wonderful, comprehensive and highly engaging set of resources curated and hosted by Roxane Panchasi – a significant contribution to this 150th anniversary.

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  2. This is amazing. I love the different perspectives of the authors, which is as broad as their choices of topics. The use of history to shed light on today is useful and inspiring; as Brecht almost said, “history is not a mirror to reflect society, but a hammer with which to smash it.” The research is insightful in all the pieces, and the use of photos, artwork, and more is compelling. (I have to note that I saw Courbet’s portrait of Proudhon in the Trier Marx Museum a few years ago and was reminded of that by one of the articles.) The work, enthusiasm, and insight of everyone in the project is impressive and inspiring. Well-done, Communards!


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